A CFNM Story - Adventures in CFNM

Two women head off to Montreal in search of the CFNM adventure they cannot find in their hometown. Their trip leads them to a night of fulfilled fantasies and more than a few surprises. Has their trip satisfied their CFNM fetish, or has it left them hungry for even more male stripper action. Addiction is a knife which can slice both ways. And as the girls will soon find out, CFNM is a very addictive fetish.

The CFNM road trip

Let’s get one thing straight - Jen and I are not CFNM newbies. Being massage therapists, we both come by the Clothed Female Naked Male fetish honestly.  But this was our first CFNM experience in a male strip club, and we could not wait to take charge of some naked man servants. On this evening, we were footing the bill, so we got to call the shots.

Our respective CFNM fantasies differed in several ways. Jen wanted to fondle and stroke a well hung gentleman - possibly a black male with a nice spongy erection. I was looking for a blue eyed blond guy who was kind of shy, but curious about being my CFNM boy toy.

We agreed that our first hour at the strip club would be spent exchanging notes on potential CFNM candidates. I would help Jen find her well hung help, and she would help me scout the joint for a cute blond newbie. Scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. We work well together that way.

The second hour would be about private dances with our selected CFNM dancers. We each budgeted $200 for 30 minutes worth of full contact action in the Champagne room. Given our respective sex drives, it was important to set limits ahead of time.

We would close out the evening by exchanging notes at a quiet wine bar which was just around the corner. Secretly, I was wondering if Jen was bisexual, as that would add an extra element of excitement to our weekend.

Being from small town America, the supply of male strip clubs was non existent. Even a one hour drive to the city could not guarantee an evening of CFNM fun, as most strip clubs had a strict rules that did not allow patrons to touch the male dancers. In fact, some clubs even banned full nudity. If we were going to have a CFNM sex adventure, we would need to travel to a country with a more liberal attitude towards the sex industry. Lucky for us, Canada was just a few hours away.

We had read about the Montreal CFNM scene on several strip club forums. In most clubs, nude dances were $10, and $20 got you a full contact dance in a private room. These rooms were called Champagne rooms, and it was well known that some male strippers offered extra options if the price was right. Montreal was CFNM heaven, and our road trip could not come soon enough.

The drive to Montreal was fun. We left early in case of delays at the Canadian border, but lucky for us the border traffic was light for a Saturday. Needless to say, we told a slight fib when asked about the purpose of our trip. I mean, we couldn't well say we were on our way to fondle Canadian  strippers in order to satisfy our CFNM fetish. That would have been a one way ticket to a body cavity search!

Montreal is a beautiful city. We made our way to the club following a delightful dinner on St-Denis street. A cute doorman greeted us at the entrance, and pointed us to a stairwell which led to the second floor. The club was somewhat dark, but with a well lit stage. We were pleasantly surprised at the decor, which was more upscale than the clubs south of the border. We generously tipped the doorman, who led us to our table, a booth a few rows removed from the main stage. It was time to start our search for the perfect CFNM companion for the evening.


Chapter 2 - More than a handful

It wasn't long before Jen and I had caught the eye of several of the male dancers. Before long, a cute and rather buff dancer by the name of Joshua appeared at our table and asked if we would care for some company. Jen, being the flirt she is, stood up and said ‘Why don’t you have a seat between us. We won’t bite.” Before we knew it, we had bought Joshua a drink and had begun asking him all about the club and his experience level with the CFNM fetish.

The booth we were seated at had a round table with a long tablecloth; perfect for some under the table fondling. Jen slowly started teasing Joshua by running her fingers along his toned biceps when he stopped her for a quick lesson in strip club etiquette. Touching and caressing were allowed, but only if clients used hand sanitizer. We found the request both surprising, yet reassuring. It was nice to know that some thought went into the safety of both the dancers and clients. Joshua produced a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and gave us both a squirt. At this point, we were free to fondle and caress him as much as we wanted, as long as we kept any contact above the waistline.

Joshua was quite a conversationalist. It was kind of strange to be having a conversation with him while we both caressed his chest and abs. He had such a beautiful toned body, a real Adonis. He was well versed in the Montreal CFNM fetish scene, and told us that he had worked a few private parties for women he met at the club. We then enquired about private dances, and he was quite open about what options were on offer.

Regular all nude dances in the Champagne room were $10 per song - and strictly look but don’t touch. Full contact dances were $20 per song. Some dancers offered a more extensive menu of options, but such activities could only be negotiated in private. Joshua then offered us a free preview of the goods. He told us we could caress his cock over his skin tight briefs for a minute to see if he met our CFNM needs.

With the Eagles signing Hotel California in the background, Jen and I slowly ran our fingers over Joshua’s beautiful cock. His erection was quite impressive, straining against the fabric of his tight underwear. Needless to say, we were both getting rather damp between the legs - this was going to be one fun girls night out!

Jen got a glimmer in her eye when a black guy appeared on stage. I took the opportunity to ask Joshua for a private dance. We excused ourselves, and Joshua took my hand and led me to the Champagne room. I was at once nervous and excited at the prospect of caressing his beautiful male body.

We entered a small private room, and I was seated in a nice comfy armchair. A waiter appeared and I ordered us both a drink. Joshua asked what type of dance I would like. I told him to start with a $10 dance, followed by two $20 dances. Once our drinks arrived, Joshua sat on the arm of the chair, and I rested my hand between his legs, slowly caressing his thigh. His cock was already getting hard. The CFNM games had begun!


Chapter 3 - Don't ask, Don't Tell.

With Hotel California drawing to a close, I moved my hand onto Joshua’s crotch and began to gently stroke his hardening cock with the tips of my finders. I didn't want to kick off my private CFNM party with a soft performance, I wanted my stud to come out of the gate at full stride!

I told Joshua that I intended to caress his entire body during the first dance, and that I wanted to be the one to undress him at the time of my choosing. He smiled and said “you’re the boss”. At this point, I'm really impressed with this club. It truly was a CFNM paradise.

As a nice slow ballad starts to play in the background, Joshua stood up in front of me, and for the first time, I was able to get a good look at his amazingly well toned body. Broad shoulders, a shaved chest, sculpted abs and nice package which I could not wait to open. He was muscular, but not in an overwhelming way. As he swayed to the music, I began to explore his body with my hands. Because this was the $10 dance, I was not allowed to touch below the waist line - but that was OK, there were plenty of goodies above the boxers!

I put my hands on his shoulders and worked my way down his arms, then back up again. I then worked my hands down to his chest, and then those beautiful abs. His body was so perfect in every way. His skin was as warm as his personality, but not overly sweaty - just moist enough to allow my hands to glide over his skin with a minimum of resistance.

About half way though the song, I told Joshua that I was ready to undress him. I moved closer to him, with my face about a foot away from his crotch. I worked my hands down to his hips, and worked my fingers into the elastic band of his tight boxer style underwear. It was obvious that my CFNM boy toy had a very enthusiastic erection to release. I slowly pulled his underwear down and his beautiful erection sprang out. I let his underwear fall to his ankles and kept working my hands down his thighs and legs. Being a $10 dance, access to his manhood was prohibited - but only for a few more minutes.

His cock was gorgeous. He was about 7 inches fully erect, circumcised and well proportioned. My mouth and pussy watered for just a taste of his beautiful phallus. Little did I know that such an opportunity would present itself before the evening would come to an end. But more about that later.

It would soon be time to test this young man’s endurance at the hands of an experienced CFNM enthusiast.

Chapter 4 - Private CFNM Party in the Booth

As the sound of my $10 dance faded away, I worked my hands up towards Joshua’s six pack abs. I laid my palms flat on his stomach and began to gently massage his abdomen in circular motions, slowly making my way down to his beautiful cock.

Joshua’s manhood was quite impressive. A stunning seven and a half inches with decent girth. He was circumcised, and his neatly trimmed public hair stood in stark contrast to his clean shaven balls. The booth was dark, but the single light above us reflected beautifully on his prick, revealing each blood vessel in his beautiful erection.

I began exploring my CFNM boy toy by running my fingertips along the length of his erection, feeling each vein while massaging the underside of his head with my thumb. I then closed one hand around his throbbing member and cupped his balls with the other. His cock was thicker than it looked and I had a hard time closing my hand around it. I like that in a man, despite the fact that it sometimes leads to a pretty sore jaw.

“Do you mind if I stroke you” I asked Joshua. He nodded in agreement, but said I would have to pace myself as he was very turned on and I was playing with a loaded gun. I began to slowly milk his gorgeous member, and before long, a single drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock. I used my thumb to rub the pre-cum all around the head of his cock. The feel of my semen lubricated thumb rubbing the underside of his prick must have driven him wild.

I asked Joshua to switch places with me and sit back in the chair. I then put a cushion on the floor and got down on my knees between his legs. Joshua mentioned that he did not allow customers to perform unprotected oral sex on him. Some of the dancers did, but he only allowed this if a condom was used. I told him that my intentions at the moment were strictly to stroke his cock, although the thougth of taking him into my mouth did cross my mind.

Joshua sat back in the chair, and I continued to milk him at a steady pace. Before long, another drop of pre-cum appeared. This time, I wanted to test my CFNM boy toy. I gathered the crystal clear drop with my finger and raised it to his lips. “I want you to eat it for me” I said. Joshua, without hesitation, took my finder into his mouth and slowly sucked the semen off of it. I could feel his tongue rolling around my finger, licking it clean. The experience was so erotic, his lips and mouth so warm. It was pure bliss.

At this point, the second song came to an end. I paid Joshua $50 for the dances plus a $10 tip. He kissed my cheek as we parted ways. I could not wait to return to our table and tell Jen all about my private CFNM party!


Chapter 5 - Jen's first black cock

Jen’s a quick study - by the time I made it back to our table, she had already found herself a black CFNM boy toy. Robert was an imposing figure; 6’2” and built like a linebacker. Pure muscle, yet well spoken and reserved. He worked at the club to help pay for his university tuition. Jen couldn't keep her hands off of him, and urged me to caress his toned body. I must admit, as I ran my hands over this man’s chest and abs, I could not help but be turned on.

Jen invited Robert to a private dance, and he responded by saying that “here, three is never a crowd”. He would dance for both of us at the regular price, as long as we selected the $20 dance option - full contact. I did not want to intrude on Jen’s private dance, but she insisted I tag along.

Once in the champagne room, we each sat next to Robert on a large sofa. We could not wait for the song to end so that we could get started on some CFNM action. Robert was wearing nothing by a tight pair of boxers against which straining a sizable erection. We both caressed his chest and abs, and before long, ran our hands over his crotch while making our way to his thighs. Robert asked whether we would prefer to have him standing or sitting for his dance. Jen told him to stand, and I was instructed to get behind him and hold his hands behind his back - this was going to be fun!

As the song started, I held Roberts large hands while Jen caressed her hired CFNM boy toy. She closed both hands over the budge in his briefs, and still couldn't cover it all - Robert had a huge cock, both in terms of length and girth. Jen began to slowly lower Roberts briefs, and I was getting exited at the thought of seeing his huge cock spring out of his underwear. And Robert didn't disappoint. As his briefs fell to his ankles, Jen and I were presented with the biggest cock we'd ever seen. A beautiful, shaved 9 inch cock with a thickness that left us both in awe. Jen had found what she was looking for.

As I continued to restrain John’s hands, Jen wrapped both of her hands around Robert’s cock and began to stroke his massive erection. I ordered Robert to lock his hands into a full nelson and move them behind his neck. I then reached between his legs and massaged his balls as Jen continued to stroke his cock. This was CFNM heaven, and we were soaking in every minute of it.

Jen invited me to touch Robert’s cock, and needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. It was impossible for me to completely close my hand over his cock. I slowly stroked his beautiful cut manhood and before long, he was completely hard. Jen then got on her knees in front of him and opened her mouth wide directly in front of his throbbing penis. She seductively licked her lips, and began talking dirty to Robert, asking him to imagine how nice her warm mouth would feel on his swollen cock.

Robert was clearly enjoying this scenario as witnessed by his increasing pulse rate and soft moans. Jen moved her mouth closer to his cock and began to kiss my fingers which were still wrapped around his manhood. Jen looked up at Robert and asked how much she was allowed to kiss. He responded that anything beyond manual touching would cost an additional 20 dollars.

Jen smiled at me, then continued to kiss her way all the way to the tip of his cock. As I continued to stroke Robert, Jean closed her mouth over the tip of his giant manhood, slowly nursing on the head while never loosing eye contact with her hired CFNM slave. I slowed down the pace of my strokes as I didn't want Robert to drown my best friend in semen - not in this context anyhow!

As our song came to an end, Jen let Robert’s cock slip out of her mouth and I released my grip from his throbbing erection. For the second dance, Jen asked Robert to site on the couch, and we each knelt in front of him on the floor. As the music began, we both gave him a sensual kiss on the mouth, then began kissing our way down to his cock. Our lips must have felt like heaven to him, as he maintained his full erection as we kissed his neck and chest. When we arrived at his abs, we took our time and licked along each of his muscular ridges. His cock was between us, easily reaching his belly button. Jen smiled at me and said she would take the balls if I wanted to head. As she tenderly sucked on Robert’s beautiful shaved balls as I wrapped my lips around his shiny cock head. I could immediately taste his pre-cum on my tongue, and before long I was trying to work more and more of his cock into my mouth.

Jen then worked her way up from his balls and kissed his shaft as I continued to milk his beautiful cock. The song soon came to an end, which was not a bad thing, as Robert could only hold out for so long. We both kissed him on the cheek and paid him $100 for the two dances. Robert thanked us both, and mentioned that he was taken aback by how open minded we were. We told him that CFNM was our favorite fetish, and that Montreal was now our favorite strip club destination. Robert then let us in on a little secret - strip club CFNM is fun, but private CFNM parties are even better.


Chapter 6 - The Private CFNM Club

Upon returning to our table, we were surprised to find two glasses of champagne and a scroll with the word ‘Invatation” written on it. Given that the patron’s of this establishment were exclusively women, we were puzzled as to the origin of these offerings.

Jen unrolled the scroll to read the invitation - we had both been summoned to the manager’s exclusive VIP lounge for a private meet and greet. It seems we had made quite an impression with the staff in the short time we were present at the club.

Before long, a handsome young man appeared at our table and asked us to follow him to the VIP lounge. Drinks in hand, we followed him to a secluded section of the club which was housed behind two huge french style doors. The room was stunning - tastefully decorated with several large paintings, mirrors and expensive leather furniture. When the large doors closed behind us, the room became eerily quiet. And that’s when Wendy entered the room.

Wendy was the club’s manager; a beautiful, well groomed redhead in her early forties who exuded professionalism and confidence. She approached us with a warm smile and welcome us to the VIP lounge. Very few patrons were invited to the VIP lounge, and as we would soon find out, there was method behind her madness.

Turns out Wendy was also a CFNM practitioner, and admired our enthusiasm for the fetish. She has been observing us from the moment we entered the club, and was impressed with our confident approach to male manipulation. She had seen many wannabees at the club, but she instinctively knew that we were the real deal.

In addition to managing the club, Wendy was a recruitment agent for a private CFNM club that catered exclusively to wealthy patrons. This private club was like no other. Membership was by invitation only, and yearly dues started at $25,000. Most members were women married to some of the wealthiest Canadian businessmen. Others were businesswomen who were often in town for corporate travel. All were seeking the very best CFNM experience that money could buy.

At first we though that Wendy was trying to recruit us as members for this exclusive club. As well as she had read our CFNM credentials, she had made a significant error in reading our financial wherewithal! Jen and I were not business women, and both very single. We did not fit the profile of what would be considered a potential candidate for membership to this club.

But that wasn’t Wendy’s motive. The club hired staff, both male and female, who helped ensure that patrons of the private CFNM club enjoyed nothing but the highest standard of service. The pool of knowledgeable CFNM practitioners was shallow, but she knew that we had the necessary experience to contribute to the club’s success.

Wendy was looking for girls to fill a position which was described as “Session attendant and facilitator”. The job description was unlike any other. Our duties would be to prepare whichever theme room was selected to meet our patrons requests and ensure that CFNM performers are briefed on their roles and prepped if necessary (ie: ensure that their cocks are hard when the client arrives in the room). We were also to assist in any way requested during the CFNM session. And one last little detail - the job paid $100 per hour.

As with all employees, we were expected to be tested for STD’s every month and to provide documentation to this effect. From a sexual standpoint, our duties were limited to manual and/or oral sex with the tested male CFNM staff members. We were made aware than unless requested, condoms were not used during CFNM sessions, therefore we must be comfortable with the possible presence of semen on our bodies, and possibly in our mouths.

Male CFNM performers had much more demanding job descriptions. They were paid $250 per hour, but had to meet strict work requirements. For starters, all CFNM performers had to be at least 21 years of age or older, straight and attending an accredited university. In addition to being physically attractive, they were expected to be intelligent and well spoken. They had to be well groomed and ensure that their genitals were always clean shaven. They were expected to perform oral sex on patrons, and have oral sex performed on them. The also had to be comfortable swallowing semen, be it their own or that of another CFNM performer. On special requests, they might even be asked to suck on another performers cock. Yes, the money was good, but the demands of the job were great.

The establishment was known as the Golden Spoon Club. It was not a place you would find listed in a phone book. It was very exclusive, and membership was by invitation only. Unless you were referred by another club member, you would never know the club even existed. The club was a pure CFNM shop, and not a Femdom or BDSM establishment. This club was all about having attractive young men catering to a rich women’s sexual desires - for a price!


Chapter 7 - The Golden Spoon CFNM Club

Fast forward two months and I’ve found myself at the center of the ultra secret underground CFNM scene. Jen and I were offered jobs at an exclusive CFNM playground for the well healed. Jen declined the opportunity, as she already had stable employment back home. I had been recently laid off from my job, therefore the opportunity presented itself at just the right time.

Wendy was terrific. Not only did she offer me 4 month assignment at the CFNM club, she also found me an affordable apartment which I shared with one of the club’s other attendants. Life was great in Montreal - very carefree and relaxed. My apartment was adjacent to the historic section of the city referred to as “Le vieux Montreal”, or “Old Montreal”. I lived in a very well appointed loft located above an art gallery on St-Paul street. Best of all, I was only a 5 minute walk away from work. Life was grand.

My first visit to the Golden Spoon Club was exhilarating. Hidden behind the rustic facade of turn of the centuries old building was a surprisingly modern facility. The CFNM club was located on the third floor of the building. The elevator doors opened directly into the club’s main lobby. The lobby oozed power and privilege. From the finished marble floors to the hand carved oak reception desk, the club’s foyer could easily have been mistaken as a branch office of a fortune 500 company. In the far corner was a sitting area which was flanked by expensive art work. Behind the receptionist, a large golden spoon was mounted on the wall. No expense was spared in ensuring that this room made a statement. You would never have guessed that this was the gateway to one of Montreal’s most exclusive sex clubs.

The club was divided into 4 areas. A preparation room for the CFNM performers and attendants, three guest rooms for paid members, a private lounge for dining and drinks, and four theme rooms used for CFNM play.

The CFNM play rooms each had a distinct theme. The first room was the massage room. It resembled a high end spa room, appointed with warm colors, new age music and a massage table. But this was no ordinary massage table. It had a hole in the middle of it, where a CFNM performers would place his penis when lying on his stomach. This would allow women to practice the art of “male milking” in which a man’s erect cock is milked from beneath the table.

The second room was the cunnilingus room. It was equipped with several pieces of high end sex furniture designed specifically to maximize the enjoyment of male on female oral sex. It also had a massage table, but without the male milking hole - this room was all about her pleasure. All male CFNM attendants received oral sex training upon being hired, and all had to complete an exam before being certified to work in this room.

The third room was the Femdom room. In this room, men could be restrained to a large cross, or suspended in the air in a spread eagle fashion. While BDSM practices were not allowed at the club, tormenting with pleasure certainly was. This room was all about boy toy play.

The last room was know as the Group room. This room was amazing. It featured a large round rotating bed, flanked by eight elevated seats. The bed could easily accommodate 3 or 4 men. Group sessions were held on a weekly basis and from what I was told, I would witness CFNM activities in this room that would leave me speechless.

Upon arrival at the club, members were shown to their private guest room which had been prepared to their specification. On the table located in the middle of the guest room was a wooden box containing a mid-sized Golden Spoon. I would soon learn the purpose of the famous golden spoon.

There were few regulations at the club, and never any infractions. Personal hygiene was of the utmost importance for both guest and CFNM performers. All sexual activities had to be consensual. Oral sex was permitted, but intercourse was not. Sessions were limited to one hour at a cost of $500. And the most important rule of all - CFNM performers were responsible to clean up after themselves. Guest were obligated to use their golden spoons to feed any spilled semen to their CFNM performer. The performers had mandatory instructions to swallow the semen as an act of obedience and respect to their customer.

My job was to ensure that each patron be provided with the very best CFNM experience by prepping both the male performers and rooms to their specifications.

Chapter 8 - coming soon!


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